Service Information

Not only can we machine castings exceptionally, we can create the tools that make them. At J.C. Precision, we understand the complexities of designing and building all of the specialized tooling required for each and every new application so you don’t have to worry about anything. We can repair or refurbish existing tooling to maintain consistent production of quality investment castings. Dimensional distortion of a casting is a common and unfortunate outcome with the lost-wax casting process. Thin walls for example are susceptible to deviations from their intended positions. As a result, a straightening operation is then needed to restore and assure the dimensional integrity of a casting. Allow us the opportunity to construct you a full compression fixture or straightening aid to draw in those troublesome dimensions that have diverted. Verification of key features on your castings is essential to ensure the quality of your product. We have built countless inspection fixtures throughout the years and therefore understand what it takes to produce a comprehensive verification tool. From simple go-no-go spherical gages to check gaps to more complex and elaborate tools to control the locations of specific features throughout the entirety of a large casting.